MECCI Clinic

The Clinic MECCI it's a nacional reference in the plastics surgery, health and care fields. At the beginning of 2016, in a time of a changing mission and values of the clinic, we were charged with the mission of creation a new image/comunication that reflect that change. This was made by working of social network and by recreating the clinics editorial design. 



Centralising the communication on the biggest social network ever used, facebook, we renewed the page of MECCI Clinic, with a communication and appealing graphics that reflected the clinic's new vision.

In particular, betting in an daily interest with the followers, we created a variety of contents with the purpose of feeding and invigorate the clinics page (photography, publicity banners, slogans, hashtags, etc.)

Graphics Design

This comercial pamphlet, was created with the goal to spread the clinic services and theirs surgery packs. It's made of 6 pages here represented. 

Exterior side:

Interior side:


Photography for social network...